About Us

Tell me what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

-Mary Oliver

We believe that jewellery is one of the most special art forms, its close relationship with the body invites the wearer to treasure its tactile presence and when worn it develops a new life of its own as it is passed down through generations. 

 Internationally renowned wildlife artist, Abigail Brown with her explorations in textile, paint ceramics and wood, has led to an exciting collaboration with Jewellery buyer and Gallerist Sarah Collins, whose expertise has helped to translate Abigail’s distinctive style into jewelled treasures. 

They have been inspired to unite their combined interest in mythology and magic. Wild Myths was born from a fascination with the beauty found in the animal kingdom. Evocative of the layered meanings found in ancient cultures and passed on through storytelling, painting, sculpture and adornment; Abigail and Sarah have captured the mystical elements to create otherworldly creatures that will give the wearer a sense of talismanic protection.

Our jewellery pieces are made in London by hand by ourselves and our small team of skilled craftspeople.